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Terms and Conditions of Submission

We Solemnly Swear:

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The Hand Magazine LLC (subsequently referred to as, The Hand) is mindful that the accurate reproduction of images is of utmost importance to our contributors. That said, The Hand will do everything in its power to ensure that reproduced images are of the highest quality possible. We will never edit the digital files we receive in regards to color, value, or cropping. Therefore, it is important that artists make sure their files look exactly the way they would like them to appear in print. HOWEVER, very slight variance in color is common as color on a computer screen will differ slightly from a printed version.


When submitting images to The Hand, the artist retains full rights to all images submitted, for ever and ever.


The Hand will use digital files for print in the magazine only. We will never use your image to make any prints other than in the printed publication without written consent from the artist; and only in the event of a Hand Magazine-related production.  The artist’s name, the title, media, and size of the image, as well as the artist’s website will accompany the image.


The digital file may also be used for on-line publication on our website or social media pages. In this case, the artists name, the title and media of the image, and a link to the artist’s website will always be included. The Hand will only use low-res (72 dpi) versions of the file for on-line publication.


All artists who submit to The Hand will receive one copy of the issue to which they submit for no extra cost, as part of the submission fee. Additional copies can be purchased separately via the website or through one of our retail outlets.


Any artists whose work is published in any issue of The Hand may not claim any proceeds from the sale of the magazine or copies of the issue in which their work appears.



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