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Retailers and Resources

We would like to thank all of the retailers who carry The Hand Magazine, as well as the websites and publications who list our Calls for Entries and promote the magazine. In the spirit of creative collaboration, helping our friends and supporting like-minded artists and groups, here are some links to some great resources. You scratch our back, The Hand will scratch yours! Please let us know if you have suggestions for us to post here.

Thanks- The Hands (Adam and James)

Hand Magazine Retailers:

Crick Camera Shop

Garcia Squared Contemporary

Kansas City Art Institute Supply Shop

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Overland Photo Supply

Leopold Gallery

Through This Lens Gallery (Durham, N.C.)

Wonder Fair (Lawrence, KS)

Quimby’s Bookstore (Chicago, IL)

Other great resources: (CFEs and tons of process info)

Art In Print

Center for Alternative Photography (Penumbra Foundation)

Diffusion Magazine (Unconventional photography)

Don’t Take Pictures (A publication of the Kiernan Gallery)

The Handmade Photograph (E-zine and photography resource)

Ink Knife Studio (KC Center for the Ink and Paper Arts)

Lenscratch (CFEs and fantastic photography blog)

Seities (Photography gallery and magazine)

SHOTS Magazine (Independent photography magazine)

Smidgeon Press (Process and printmaking blog with CFEs)

Society For Photographic Education– SPE (CFEs and tons of resources)

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