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RESONANTIA by Louviere + Vanessa


Limited Edition (388 copies):

 U.S.A.- $110.00*

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Outside U.S.A.- $130.00*

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super heavy 200gram 12″ vinyl
side A: two songs at 33 rpm and a praxinoscope animation in the dead wax
side B: high res sonically cut photograph (first of it’s kind)
one praxinoscope mirror
one insert with photos and artist statement
record sleeve with spectrograms of the two audio tracks
heavy double pocket old school style gatefold jacket with
four color photos plus matte and spot gloss varnishes
Special Edition  (12 copies)

 U.S.A.- $1600.00*

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*Price include shipping

One of a kind print on kozo with gold, wax and varnish
the photos are in editions of 1 and the images correspond
to the edtition numbers as their frequencies
(edition 12/400 would have the image that we made from the 12Hz tone
edition 55/400 is the image for 55Hz… etc. and so forth)
Please note: Transactions will appear as, “Adam Finkelston” on your bank statement
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