The HAND Magazine

A Magazine For Reproduction-Based Art

Our Manifesto

The Hand’s Grasp (A Mano- Festo)

The Hand will explore the weird, the wonderful, the peculiar and the poetic. The Hand will be heavy on images and light on text. The Hand will connect printmakers and photographers in our common love for multiples. The Hand will give chances to artists in all stages of their careers, giving hope to the young and sustenance to experienced.

The Hand will rest on your shoulder, slap you in the face, then rub your back gently. The Hand will hold your cheek and lift your face up to the light. The Hand will check your temperature and give you medicine.

The Hand Magazine seeks entries around the world from printmakers and photographers whose work emphasizes the hand made. Any art that incorporates any printmaking or photographic process is acceptable. Photographers who work with hand applied emulsions, daguerreotype, wet plate, gum, cyanotype, ambrotype, tintype, lith printing, traditional darkroom, or any combination of those are encouraged to submit images. Printmakers working in any medium on any surface are welcome and beloved. Digital work is also accepted. Let’s join hands.


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