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The catalogue for the exhibition is contained in Issue #7 of the magazine

“Do You Copy?” is an exhibition curated by James Meara and Adam Finkelston for The Hand Magazine and the Potter Gallery at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO. The exhibition dates are January 15- February 15, 2015. Click on an image to start a slideshow and get links to artists’ websites.

 List of Participating Artists:

BJ Alumbaugh

Shane Balkowitsch

Lindsey Beal

Diana Bloomfield

Meghan Boilard

Ruben Bryan Castillo

Rebecca Clews

Daniel W. Coburn

Troy Colby

Brian Culbertson

Sean Culver

Alessandra Dzuba

DebiLynn Fendley

Brittonie Fletcher

Rebecca Foley

Kate Horvat

Brian Lane

Kathy Liao

Rodolfo Marron III

Stephanie Mote

Nicholas Naughton

Zackary Petot

Michelle Rozic

Ricardo Ruiz

Patti Russotti

Christopher Schneberger

Cintia Segovia

Robert Thompson

Heinrich Toh

Dominique Vitali

Melanie Walker

Yishu Wang

Marydorsey Wanless

Brady Wilks

Mohamed Zakaria Soltan

Rebecca Zeiss

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