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New CFE Due August 31st!


James Meara, Winoo, Multi-run digital print

Well it seems like the July issue was just released yesterday! but it’s already time to start sending in submissions for the October issue. The due date for submissions to be considered for the October issue is August 31st. And don’t forget that subscribers can submit to four issues for no additional fee. It’s definitely the way to go! Plus you will get a hand made print next year when we celebrate our 4th birthday next July. We already have some big plans for that. Possibly a new exhibition? Possibly a new limited edition print (besides the free print we give subscribers)? It’s all in the works, but the next year of The Hand promises to continue to build on what we’ve accomplished so far- with YOUR help!



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Jackson_Mike_Cwmpengraig, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

Holding Hands Across The World: Issue #13 feature artist Mike Jackson in Cwmpengraig, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK

Just a few more items:
1) Issue #13 is down to the last box- so about 50 more copies left. Order your copy soon, if you haven’t got one already. Or order another one to give to a friend!

2) Keep sending us your Holding Hands Across The World images. We LOVE to get those! It’s easy. Just take a picture of your hand holding ours, with something cool or interesting or representative of your hometown (or wherever you are), and send it to us at We’ll post it on our website and on FB with a link to your own website.

3) Collaborations from this year’s subscriber gift print have been so much fun for us. Please keep those coming and we’ll post them on FB with a link to your website.

4) Check out our great limited edition prints and special offers from some of our favorite artists, as well as our t-shirts, hand printed using SolarFast light sensitive dyes.

Alright, that’s it! Get those submissions going! We know you’ve been up to some cool stuff this summer, and we want to see it!

Thanks everyone,
The Hands
Adam Finkelston & James Meara



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