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New CFE, Collaborative prints, and Holding Hands Across The World

Fern Lumen Border Crop


Plus: Collaborative prints!
And: Holding Hands Across The World!

Now that Issue #13 is out and has arrived in most mailboxes, it’s time to make the initial request for SUBMISSIONS to Issue #14, coming out in October. The due date for images is August, 31st.

Remember, SUBSCRIBERS can submit for no additional charge! Subscribers also get a unique hand-made print on our birthday. This last issue marked our 3rd anniversary, so we sent out this cyanotype of a brass ewer. We asked our subscribers to make their own embellishments and alterations- a collaboration between us and them! We have received three so far and are looking forward to more. Clockwise from top L: Original cyanotype by Adam Finkelston, Sara Silks (top R) added toning, wax, and pigmentation, Charlie Hedges (bottom R) added his digital “kaleidegraph” technique, and Maryanna Adelman (bottom L) added fish to the original image. Very cool! This is fun! Keep ’em coming! We hope more of you will send us your own collaborations. And we hope to make even more prints next year, so subscribe today and be part of next year’s collaboration.



We have also received some new additions to our page, Holding Hands Across The World. We love to see where our magazines go around the world. We like to see where you live, what makes you proud of your hometown, or where you travel. So contribute your own by simply taking a picture of your hand holding ours, and sending it to Cell phone pictures are perfect. Here’s a few recent ones from Carol S. Dass in Oslo, Norway (L) and Anna Mavromatis in Houston, TX, USA (R).


Keep the collaborations and Holding Hands Across The World coming! And work on getting those submissions ready to submit by August 31st. Thanks!

The Hands,

Adam Finkelston & James Meara


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