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Issue #10 is on the way! Contribute to, Holding Hands Across The World!

Ligia Minami, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Ligia Minami, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Issue #10 is in the mail!

Our October issue is almost sold out! And who can blame it, with such a beautiful cover by Kelda Martensen, and incredible featured articles and artists?! Only about 20 copies are left. So get yours while you can. Click HERE!! We have a special request from our readers. We would love for you to contribute to our collection of readers’ images called, Holding Hands Across The World. We love to see where our magazine goes- and where you live! So snap a picture of your hand holding ours, with a favorite landmark of piece of home in the background. We’ll put it on our website with a link to your website- if you have one! Check out the, Holding Hands Across the World, page for examples. From small towns right here in America to exotic locations around the world, we want them all! So send in those hands!

And you can still get copies of our special limited edition offerings:

Dustin Rosemark’s feature length experimental film, 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind, is available as a limited edition DVD. “51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind is a feature-length documentary which is both existential self-portrait and gritty travelogue. Shot over six months, in 13 countries and completely on a hand-cranked toy camera, 51 Fragments presents a first person account of a man trying to find meaning in a world becoming increasingly meaningless.”-

And The Hand is very proud to partner with Diffusion Magazine to help distribute Louviere + Vanessa’s new project, Resonantia. This project comes as a vinyl record with sounds made from photographs, with a sleeve containing photographs made from sound! The package includes a do-it-yourself praxinoscope that sits on the album as it turns, animating a series of images pressed into each side of the album. It’s a truly amazing project. You won’t want to miss a chance to get yourself a copy.

Adam Finkelston & James Meara


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