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Issue #10 Artists and Pre-order now available!

Issue #10 Artists Announced!

Issue #10 cover

Cover image: Kelda Martensen, Revolution, Woodblock, monotype, collage

This is a watershed moment for The Hand Magazine! Issue #10 is the first issue to include reproduction-based arts in sound, film, and multi-media, in addition to the best in contemporary printmaking and photography. Featured in this issue:

Dustin Rosemark‘s experimental films are created using hand-applied processes such as cyanotype and use unconventional film-making techniques. As part of his feature in The Hand, he has made a Limited Edition DVD of his feature length film, 51 Fragments of a Wandering Mind. The DVD package includes a jacket designed by Mr. Rosemark. Be sure to also support his upcoming Kickstarter project to help him make his next film, The Inferno.

51 Fragments of A Wandering Mind by Dustin Rosemark

51 Fragments of A Wandering Mind by Dustin Rosemark

Also featured in this issue is the St. Louis-based print shop, Pele Prints. Led by Amanda Verbek, Pele Prints has an impressive history of working with many of today’s best printmakers. Verbeek is interviewed by The Hand’s, James Meara, about collaboration, process, and finding time to make personal work while collaborating with others.


Our third feature is on European multi-media collective, JAAPKORE. Led by Jorge Esquivelzeta and Harriet Payer Anderss, JAAPKORE combines poetry, sound, video and photography into a sensory-rich experience in performances and large-scale projects.


And finally, we are very pleased to announce our partnership with Louviere + Vanessa and Diffusion Magazine, to distribute Louviere + Vanessa’s newest mind-blowing project, RESONANTIA! This incredible project uses sounds to create images and images to create sounds! The vinyl album also includes a sleeve with multiple images and a zoopraxinoscope for viewing animated images burned into he wax itself. A special edition also includes a one of a kind photograph printed on Kozo paper with wax and varnish. Everything you see is sound. Everything you hear is photography. We are honored and thrilled to be associated with the amazing work of Louviere + Vanessa and to work with our friends at Diffusion Magazine. Get your copy today. You will not be disappointed!

Louviere + Vanessa, Resonantia, Vinyl album with sleeve and dust jacket

Louviere + Vanessa, Resonantia, Vinyl album with sleeve and dust jacket

Thanks so much for all of your support. We are so excited about this issue. Congratulations and thanks to all the artists who submitted. You help us make what we think is the most varied collection of reproduction-based arts in the world. Get your copy of Issue #10 HERE! Thanks.



Adam Finkelston & James Meara


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