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Issue #8 Call For Entries Due Feb. 28th!

Installation view of "Do You Copy?", a Hand Magazine- curated exhibition at Missouri Western State University.

Installation view of “Do You Copy?”, a Hand Magazine- curated exhibition at Missouri Western State University.

Issue #8 Call For Entries Due Feb. 28th!!

“Do You Copy?” exhibition and subscription deal!

Hello all- It is time again for us to call for your entries to the next issue of The Hand Magazine. Issue #8 will come out in April. As always, we are looking for the most innovative and different interpretations of reproduction-based art forms. Of course we love traditional hand-made processes, but we also welcome mixed media, installation, performance, or anything else you come up with- as long as it incorporates some kind of printed or photographic process. So show us what you’ve got! The submission fee includes a copy of the magazine no matter what. And remember that subscribers can submit for no extra cost. Submission specifications are on our website. Follow the link HERE.

Also, we want to thank Rebecca Foley and everyone at Missouri Western State University for hosting the, “Do You copy?” exhibition. The reception was well attended and very well received. It was great to meet about a dozen of the artists who participated, but we appreciate all of the artists who contributed. It’s a great collection of images and processes, and the exhibition itself looks amazing. Issue #7 functions as a catalog for the exhibition. There are still copies left HERE. And you can see a slide show of all of the included images HERE.

Finally, I want to remind you that our subscription sale is ending on Jan. 31st. Until then, new subscribers will get Issue #7, plus four more issues- five in all, instead of the usual four! And of course, current subscribers who wish to renew or extend their subscriptions can also get five future issues. The deal also includes gift subscriptions and double subscriptions. And the subscription holder can still submit to all of those issues for no additional cost. It’s a heck of a deal that ends soon. So subscribe now and consider giving the gift of The Hand.


Thanks so much. Hope you all are well.

The HANDs,
Adam Finkelston & James Meara


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