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ISSUE #7 IN STOCK!! Killer subscription offer!! New CFE ends Feb. 28th!! Etc.!!

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Subscription Offer, New Call For Entries, Print Sales- And More!!

Subscription offer ends Jan. 31st

Issue #7 of The Hand is in stock! Pre-orders, including copies to subscribers and submitters are ready to go out this week. Get you copy today by clicking this link: GET ISSUE 7

We also want to remind you that we have a great deal going on subscriptions. In addition to following the best in contemporary reproduction-based art, subscriptions allow you to submit to The Hand for no extra charge (to the issues you subscribe to). If you subscribe or renew before Jan. 31st, 2015, you will receive 5 issues instead of just 4. If you are a new subscriber, we’ll start you right away with Issue #7. If you are renewing or would like to extend an existing subscription, we’ll just add five issues on to your existing subscription. If you do a double subscription, we’ll add 10 issues! That’s a crazy great offer! Split ’em between yourself and a friend, make ’em both gifts, or double your own subscription. We don’t care! We just want to extend our reach and spread the word about our magazine. We even have household subscriptions for artist couples who both want to submit but don’t want two subscriptions. It’s all on the website, and you can always e-mail us with questions.

We also wanted to let you know that now you can get Limited Edition prints without having to buy a magazine! Many of our readers have asked for that option, so we hope this will satisfy that request. Prints can be purchased with or without a copy of the magazine by going to this link: PURCHASE A GREAT PRINT!

We have several prints still for sale. Our most recent commission, from KC-based artist, Rodolfo Marron III, is a lithograph, etching, and woodcut using natural dyes that will reveal hidden elements as they begin to fade over time. It’s an experimental approach that we think you’ll appreciate. There are only a dozen of these prints available, so order yours today!

Finally, our CFE for the April 2015 issue is officially underway. The call ends Feb. 28th. And remember, subscribers can submit for no extra charge. For more information on submitting, please click here: SUBMIT! For the April issue, we will continue to present an image-heavy magazine, but we are also planning changes to our content that reflect many readers’ desire for more information on the processes we feature. We hope you will stay tuned with us as we continue to evolve to better serve you. And we hope you will continue to help us support hand-made reproduction-based art!

Thanks so much! The HANDs,
Adam Finkelston
James Meara


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