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Issue #5 Artists Announced, Pre-order Available Now!


(above) Cover art, Lovingly Distant, Salte print by Danielle Ezzo

Issue #5 Available for Pre-order!!

See the list of artists and features we included!

Issue #5 is at the printers and will be ready for distribution next week. This is our biggest issue yet to celebrate our first anniversary. And, we have another limited edition print for you as well! We are very excited to announce that New Orleans artists, Louviere + Vanessa have created a unique print just for The Hand Magazine! This image is printed on Kozo paper with gold leaf backing. There are only 13 of these hand-made prints available so you better be quick because they’ll go fast! We are so thrilled to be able to offer this print and also a 6-page feature designed by Louviere + Vanessa, including monoprints and collages never seen anywhere else.

So check out the new issue and order yours today.


Limited Edition print, Folie a Deux, Inkjet on Kozo paper with gold leaf, by Louviere + Vanessa


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