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Holding Hands Across The World

“Holding Hands Across The World” is a fun game we like to play with our readers. We love seeing where our magazine goes across the world. And we love seeing where our readers live. We’d love for you to send us a picture of your hand holding ours in front of a local landmark, your backyard, the street you live on, or somewhere else in your town you love. We’ll add it to our collection, post it on our Facebook page and website, and possibly even print it in the magazine for our 1st Anniversary issue, coming out in July. It’s FREE!!! So send us your picture (make sure it’s 300 dpi, 10″ on the longest side in case we want to print it) to: Let’s join hands!


Ligia Minami, Rio de Janiero, Brazil


John van Erkel, Amersfoort, Netherlands


Brigette Bloom, Henderson, NV, USA


Troy Colby, Beloit, KS, USA


Joe Carr, Wasilla, AK, USA


Carol Dass, Kissing Camels, Garden of The Gods, Colorado Springs, CO, USA


Heather Oelklaus, Colorado Springs, CO, USA


Stuart Heidmann, Chicago, IL, USA


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