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Submissions Due May 31st for The Hand Magazine’s 1st Anniversary Issue- Coming in July!


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Be part of our 1st Anniversary Issue- Coming in July!

Dear Reader,
We are SOOO excited to celebrate our 1st Anniversary this July! It has been a truly amazing and inspiring (not to mention educational!) year getting The Hand Magazine off the ground. James and I are both so energized and very appreciative of the massive amount of support we have received from submitting artists, subscribers, readers, and all of the featured artists we have been fortunate to work with this past year. And the best part is, we have grand designs for the future as well! Our goal is nothing less than being THE BEST magazine for contemporary printmaking and photographic art IN THE WORLD! 

In addition to continuing working with more of the finest practitioners in contemporary print and photo, we are looking to expand our Limited Edition programs by facilitating new prints with emerging artists and print/photography studios. We want The Hand to THE place for both emerging and established artists to get their work to new audiences. We think that joining forces between the print and photo communities, and by reading out to sculptors, glass artists, ceramicists, collagists, and any other artists who use print and photo in their work, we can cross bridges and expand the visibility of the artists included in our pages.

We would like to invite you once again to submit your images for consideration for our 1st Anniversary issue, coming out in July. We already have a fantastic featured artist and limited edition print offer lined up. And we have plans to make this issue a bit bigger, a bit more surprising, and a big thank you/ celebration  of our success this year. It’s all very exciting! 

So spread the word, tell your friends, colleagues, students, and peers. We hope to join many more hands together this year, and for many years in the future!

Sean Culver, Panoramic Series: Island, Gilded Mercurial Daguerreotype

Sean Culver, Panoramic Series: Island, Gilded Mercurial Daguerreotype

In addition, we would like to remind you that we still have copies of Sean Culver’s beautiful print, Panoramic Series: Island, for sale exclusively through The Hand Magazine. There were only 20 of these prints made and about half are gone already. Get yours before they’re gone altogether! 

And finally, a reminder about the subscription deal we have going right now. If you give The Hand as a gift, you can get your own subscription- or renewal- for just 1/2 price! And both you and your friend get the ability to submit to the issues for which you subscribe. That’s almost a 5-finger discount!


Thanks very much, and take care!


The HANDs,


Adam Finkelston & James Meara


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