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Two weeks left to submit for The Hand #4 (April). CFE due Feb. 28th!

BirdHeadEins copy

Just a reminder that there are only two weeks left to submit your images for the next issue. Already we have received some exciting entries that are really innovative and far out. Remember, the only requirement is that the images- or object!- incorporates photographic or print media in some way. We are also very interested in any alternative process stuff, silver gelatin, collage, and all types of intaglio, relief and lithography- or any combination thereof! show us what you are working on. the entry fee isn’t much, especially since you get a copy of the magazine whether your work is selected or not.



The best way to pay is to subscribe. It’s half price! You get 4 issues per year and the ability to submit to each of those issues for no extra charge! Plus, if you subscribe before May 31st, you will be on the list for a special gift me and James are cooking up.



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