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The HANDs are happy to announce that Issue #3 is finally here! Pre-orders and subscriptions are getting filled this weekend and should be in the mail Monday. If you haven’t ordered your copy, do it now, before you miss out. About half the copies area already out the door! Click HERE to purchase your copy and see a list of the amazing artists included in this beautiful issue- and make sure you visit their websites!

This issue features a stunning front cover by Kansas City Art Institute’s, Rebecca Clews, and an equally stunning back cover by University of New Mexico’s, Sarah Vosmus (In Flux, above). Inside, you will find a fantastic photo feature by Chicago-based photographer, Christopher Schneberger. We are really excited about the artists we have selected and the variety of photographic and printmaking processes represented here. Thanks to the incredible artists who submitted, This is a truly spectacular collection of images!! We hope that with your support The Hand will continue to grow. It is our goal to become the premier magazine celebrating and promoting the hand-made in photography and printing; and showcasing the most innovative, experimental uses of reproduction-based processes.

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Thanks again for all of your support!

The Hands,

Adam Finkelston and James Meara


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